4 Mexican Labels You Should Know


4 Mexican Labels You Should Know

UMG has offices in approximately 60 countries. Universal Music Group N.V.’s corporate headquarters are located at ‘s-Gravelandseweg 80, 1217 EW in Hilversum, Netherlands and its operational headquarters are located at 2220 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California.

How do I obtain information on internships and employment at your organization?

For information on working for Universal Music please click here.

How can I find out more about artists on the Universal Music Group roster?

For the latest artist information, please visit our individual label websites which will also have the most current social media information for your favorite artists and bands. For additional updates, you can also follow the Universal Music Group  and  accounts.

How do I submit a demo to Universal Music Group?

Demo submissions should be directed to UMG’s record labels, but kindly note that they are unable to accept unsolicited material.

Typically, demos are recommended to one of our labels’ A&R departments by a manager, agent, producer, radio DJ or other industry professional.

Another option for unsigned artists is UMG’s site, Spinnup, which offers both digital distribution and has a network of scouts who have a relationship with many of Universal Music’s labels.

Please be aware: UMG employees will NEVER request anything of value in exchange for submitting music or securing a contract with our labels, or for your participation in any other activities in which UMG is engaged.

Such action is directly contrary to UMG’s Code of Conduct. If anyone claiming to be affiliated with UMG fraudulently demands money from you to submit a demo, or as a purported “contract fee” or to defray “travel costs,” please be aware that this is a scam.

You can report these individuals to us here.

I am a company or brand looking to partner with a Universal Music Group label or artist. Where should I direct my inquiry?

The Universal Music Group For Brands division provides innovative, tailor-made business solutions to companies and brands. Please visit the website for further information and contact details.

I am interested in licensing music for a project. How do I go about doing this?

Licensing requests should be directed to your local Universal Music Group office. To find details of the office in your country please click here. If you are in the US and would to license the master recording of a Universal Music Group artist please contact the copyright and licensing division at 310-865-0770 for further information.

If you would to obtain rights to use a song or lyrics from a song that is administered or published by Universal Music Publishing Group you should contact UMPG’s Film & TV Licensing department via the UMPG website by selecting “license request” at the bottom of the page. If you are unsure whether UMPG is the proper contact for your request, information on a song’s publishing company is usually found on the album’s packaging.

I believe that I may be owed royalties from Universal Music Group, who may I contact for assistance?

If you believe you are owed either artist or mechanical royalties from a Universal Music Group Label, or have not received a statement, we may not have your correct address on file. Please visit the UMG Royalty Statement Portal to sign up to view your royalty statements online and find out how to update your address.

If you have an issue related to Artist or Mechanical Royalties that requires you to speak to someone, you may leave a message with the Royalty Help Line (1-888-583-7176) or contact us by email at RoyaltyHelp@umusic.com. Please include your full name, phone number and a brief description of the issue in your message.

Someone on our service team will either call or email you back within 5 business days.

If your songs are published through Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), or you otherwise believe you are owed Royalties from UMPG, you may visit https://www.royaltywindow.com/ to view your royalties.

If you have questions you can leave a message with the UMPG Royalty Customer Service Line (1-888-474-4979) or contact UMPG by email at umpg.royalty@umusic.com. Please include your full name and phone number in your message.

For additional information you may also visit the For UMG Artists section on this website.

I found your music being distributed or sold illegally on another web site or service. How can I report this?

If you see an example of UMG music being illegally distributed please feel free to contact us here.

I’m a member of the media, how can I contact someone in your communications department?

Please contact us via email at communications@umusic.com and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.

Источник: https://www.universalmusic.com/contact-us/

10 Indie Music Labels You Should Know

4 Mexican Labels You Should Know

how does the music industry work

Your current fans are eating it up and you’re wanting the rest of the world to hear your songs too!!

To reach a larger audience, you are planning to submit your demo to a few record labels, but you aren’t sure exactly who’s willing to accept yours.

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Here at the Indie Music Academy, our goal is to help you win as an artist.

We want to keep you prepared with the most up to date information and resources to help propel your music career forward.

We did the research for you on what record labels would be open to you accepting your demo submission.

By the way, if you feel that you’re not ready to submit, click this button to jump down to our «How To Get Ready» Section.

Without further adieu, here are 10 Indie Record Labels Accepting Demos in 2021:

Carpark Records

Notable Artists: Young Magic, Safety Scissors, Beach House

Carpark Records planted its roots as a small record label in 1999 in New York City, relocating to Washington DC in 2005. They’re best known for their experimental psychedelic electronic, as well as their alternative rock. They’ve since expanded with subsidiary labels, Acute Records and Paw Tracks.

Carpark RecordsP.O. Box 42374Washington, D.C. 20015


Email: [email protected]

Website: Contact Page

Fat Possum Records

Notable Artists: The Black Keys, Ann Peebles, Courtney Marie Andrews, Hoops

Fat Possum Records is a local giant in Oxford, Mississippi, with a long history of signing blues artists since 1992. Most recently, the record label has sought out younger talent for music promotion, signing on well-known names The Black Keys and Hoops, to name a few.

Fat Possum RecordsP.O. Box 1923Oxford, MS 38655

Phone: 662-234-2828

Website: Contact Page

Lion Bold Records

Lion Bold Records is a unique alternative to traditional record labels.

Lion Bold Records is classified as a «farm label,» meaning that they discover some dynamite talent from across the country and focus on artist development rather than signing already established acts.

 Just as a farmer plants seeds and waters them so they can grow, Lion Bold Records only works with a small lineup of artists who are 100% dedicated to finding success in the music industry.

The best part is, they invest in you 1:1 just an artist manager so that you learn the skills you need for a lifetime of music success. If you are an artist looking for a way to develop your career, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friends at Lion Bold Records.

Until then, keep growing your audience every day here with training at the Indie Music Academy!

Website: Lionbold.com

Rough Trade Records

Notable Artists: The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Alabama Shakes, Sufjan Stevens

Rough Trade Records hails from London, UK, and was founded in 1978 in the backrooms of a record store. Specializing in punk rock and early-post punk, they’ve carried big names The Strokes, Warpaint, and Arcade Fire.

Rough Trade Records66 Golborne RdLondon

W10 5PS

Email: [email protected]

Website: Contact Page (Bottom In The Footer)

Island Records

Notable Artists: Demi Lovato, Florence + The Machine, Jessie J, AlunaGeorge, Annie Lennox

Just one look at their roster and you might think that Island Records is the best indie record label out there. But in spite of their famous catalog of artists, their roots are purely indie.

Island is an offshoot of Universal Music Group, founded in Jamaica in 1959 and later merging with Def Jam Records.

While their roots may have been Jamaican, they’ve since morphed into a powerhouse of multi-genre talent with big and small names a.

Check out their FAQ for demo submission instructions.

They also have a self-serve music release service called Spinup now which is really cool.

Check it out here: https://spinnup.com/uc/

Glassnote Records

Notable Artists: Childish Gambino, CHVRCHES, Mumford & Sons, Secondhand Serenade

With a fiery roster of young talent, it’s no wonder that Glassnote Records has been hitting it the park with artist selection. Though it’s a relatively young label, having started in 2007, it’s turned new artists Mumford & Sons and Childish Gambino into household names. All the same, they have stayed primarily as a hub for indie rock and alternative hip-hop.

Glassnote RecordsAttn: Demo Submissions770 Lexington Ave16th Fl

New York, NY 10065

Email: [email protected]

See their FAQ on mailing instructions for your demo submission.

XL Recordings

Notable Artists: Adele, Radiohead, M.I.A., Vampire Weekend, Tyler the Creator, Azealia Banks

XL is an independent British label that also has fingers in nearly every genre of music when it comes to their choice of artists.

They started in 1989 as a hub for rave and dance music and later chose to broaden their horizons and develop more original artists.

They catapulted into fame in the 2000s with successful artists and hot debut albums The White Stripes, M.I.A., Jack White, and Adele. They’re still going strong to this day.

Their submissions open and close: Check to see if they are currently accepting.

Domino Recording Company

Notable Artists: Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Dev Hynes, The Kills, Julia Holter

Art Pop and folk music are Domino Recording Company’s strongest suits, with such names as the ones listed above. Founded in London in 1993, Domino has grown into a high profile label that isn’t afraid to try experimental artists.

Submit Via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dominorecordco

Read their demo submission policy here.

Young Turks

Notable Artists: Jamie xx, Koreless, Sampha, Jessie Ware, NOLIFE

Young Turks was founded in 2003 as an offshoot of XL Recordings (sound familiar?), but has since grown into a fully-fledged independent label. They’re also unique in that they dabble in hosting radio shows, aside from music.

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://theyoungturks.co.uk/

Read more about Young Turks, or see where to submit your demo.

Stones Throw

Notable Artists: Madlib, J Dilla, Mndsgn, Aloe Blacc, Savath & Savalas

Hailing from Los Angeles, Stones Throw has morphed into a hip-hop, psych rock amalgamation, but thrives on the experimental. They first began with names such as Peanut Butter Wolf and Charizma, but have grown into the names you see above.

Stones Throw Records2658 Griffith Park Blvd #504

Los Angeles CA 90039-2520

Email: [email protected]

Website: Contact Page

Check out their demo submission policy.

Humble Beast Records

Notable Artists: Propaganda, Jackie Hill-Perry, Alert312, Citizens

Now here’s something different: our penultimate label on this list is a faith-based label that signs Christian music talent. They gather together talent across the spectrum, from pastors to writers to bedroom musicians, and have created a legacy of inspirational music. Even better, all their music is free for your listening pleasure, which is even more unique in this industry.

They are currently making changes to their website but you can still check out their About Page to learn about joining Humble Beast.

Epitaph Records:

Notable Artists: Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio

Epitaph Records has been around since the early 90's and is one of the most popular indie-rock record labels in the world. Their talent roster extends far beyond indie-rock nowadays and they have created a name as one of the most influential labels in Los Angeles today. Check them out below.

2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 90026

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.epitaph.com

Once again, we want to make sure you are fully prepared before you submit your demo to a record label. Now that you have 10 labels you can reach out to, let’s make sure you’re ready.

Below, I offer some helpful insight, to help you be 100% confident that a record label will see that you have been focusing on the right things in your music career, and you offer them more than just some songs.

How to Get Ready for a Demo Submission

If a label wanted your demo, would your music career be irresistible or forgettable?

The answer is obvious!

You need to make their mouths water at the A&R office when they hear about you!

Labels are looking for so much more than a song … they are looking for the full package.

A money maker.

An artist with a career they would bet on.

When labels receive a demo, they will also take a look at every other aspect of the artist’s career.

If they what they HEAR, they also need to what they SEE.

From the fancy suit and tie record label execs to the boutique indie record label owners, these music industry players will be taking a look at you as an artist as a potential “investment” for their company.

They want to spend money on you so that they can make MORE money in return as business profits.

(You become famous in the process, pretty awesome right?)

Beyond the songs they hear, they want to see that you have all aspects of a promising career in place — more than just great music.

To get a bird’s eye view of your music career they will be combing through your:

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Spotify Streams & Monthly Listeners
  • Fan Engagement (Comments and Email Subscribers)
  • Past and Future Concert Schedule
  • Product Creation / Merchandise
  • Website Branding
  • Your Artist Image

If a label senses you focus more on IG captions and selfies than building long-term fan loyalty, they are most ly going to pass.

Remember: “Actions speak louder than words”

That’s what you need to hold to if you want to succeed, but ACTION is only as good as what you FOCUS on.

I know we’ve kept things friendly and informative up until this point, but my goal is to push you to be the best you can be.

If you’re willing to go a little deeper with me, I have some tough questions that all of us have to ask ourselves as artists.

Brace yourself, are you ready?

Would a label be impressed with you as an artist, if they judge you based off of everything EXCEPT your music?

Would they what they SEE and not just what they HEAR?

If you lack confidence when answering these questions, this doesn’t mean you make bad music. It could just mean that you need to shift your focus.

Perhaps the truth is that we’ve focused too much on creating music, but not tending to the rest of the picture.

Sometimes the truth is not as fun to face.

We prefer to lie to ourselves to avoid the pain of reality.

But since you’re here I know you CAN handle the truth.

The hard truth is that if your music career is not appealing to labels, it’s because you've been focused on the wrong things.

But don’t fret, there is hope!

If your music career isn’t where it needs to be, what’s the solution?

I can teach you EXACTLY what to focus on and build a career that will leave no room for doubt.

In order to shift your focus as an artist to what truly matters when building your career, I have found that there is no better approach than the 80/20 principle. If you haven’t heard of this before, it basically goes this:

The 80/20 principle states that in life 80% of your success comes from only 20% of your efforts.

That means if we don’t focus, MOST of what we “work on” is a total waste of time.

What does that mean for us as artists?

We need to identify the most valuable things to focus on.

Find the 20% that gets you the 80% of your results.
That 20% needs to be your focus.

If your focus is on actions that actually build a successful music career, then in time you will have a winning career record labels won’t immediately pass on.

But how do you identify what to focus on as an artist?

I’ve managed the careers of dozens of artists and have explained this process hundreds of times, and now I want to help even more artists win in their careers. I’ve distilled everything I’ve been teaching to my artists and private consulting clients into an easy and affordable course called the 80/20 Music Business Crash Course.

This course will give you 100% confidence in how the music industry works and how to move forward in your career, by knowing EXACTLY what to focus on.

Using the 80/20 Principle I've focused on only the areas of the music industry that truly matter.

All you have to do now is hit the “Learn More” button below and I have a page set-up to explain this course in further detail, and an easy to follow the video you can watch first.

Learn More About the 80/20 Music Business Crash Course

Источник: https://www.indiemusicacademy.com/blog/10-indie-music-labels-you-should-know

Nine Essential Netlabels From Mexico’s Electronic Underground

4 Mexican Labels You Should Know
SCENE REPORT Nine Essential Netlabels From Mexico’s Electronic Underground By Reuben Torres · October 18, 2017

The Mexican electronic underground exists, for the most part, online.

Over the past few years, a wealth of netlabels—digital-only record labels—have built a legitimate scene in their own right. According to Edgar Mota, who produces under the moniker Fonobisa, this trend is mostly rooted in necessity.

“You only need to invest time, and nothing else,” he says, adding that the high costs of printing are a prohibitive factor in publishing physical releases.

“I don’t know people who can afford to press 300 vinyl records,” says Durant, who co-founded the IMPT netlabel. Durant’s approach, that of many of his contemporaries, is centered on building a local scene with the means he has at his disposal. “If you don’t what there is, you do it yourself,” he says.

Netlabels may be the cheapest, most sustainable option for a lot of Mexican producers, but it also yields dividends when it comes to creativity.

The flexibility of digital-only production often serves as a catalyst for building fresh aesthetics and forging communities of -minded musicians. As Durant says, “We started the label because we were in a very disheartening place, in terms of developing our aesthetic.

We felt that none of what we heard represented our city [Mexico City]. Instead, we started a party and made it more real.”

. 00:10 / 00:58

The artists and labels on this list are almost exclusively situated in the digital realm. Many of them occasionally overlap in the way of collaborations, remixes, and mutual influence. They’re rhizomatic, often working from the fringes of the mainstream music scene. A lot of them also exist beyond Mexico City, in states Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Jalisco.

They have some of the most unique visions in the current spectrum of Mexican electronic music, precisely because they’ve opted to work from the margins, and have been mostly absent from the billings of mainstream festivals EDC Mexico, Vive Latino, and Wish Outdoor.

Though musically diverse, all are bound by a DIY ethos that’s flourished in the face of a challenging musical landscape.

R-CH-V (Mérida)

. 00:10 / 00:58

R-CH-V is actually the work of a single producer: Upgrayedd Smurphy (formerly DJ Smurphy, and later, Smurphy), who was brought up in the N.A.A.F.I. (an influential Mexican label) scene. But the Mérida-based, born-again producer doesn’t just use the netlabel platform as a utilitarian mode of distribution.

With each release, she finds a home for every one of her idiosyncratic musical impulses. See, for instance, her most recent offering, HYPNOSYS, which uses the namesake practice as a conceptual framework for the album’s omnivorous take on contemporary club music, jungle and drum and bass.

All are filtered through the odd sensibilities of the producer’s own restless psyche.

Σшρτγ (Monterrey)

. 00:10 / 00:58

Though most of the stuff from the Σшρτγ catalogue is pretty out there, you have to wonder what sort of deranged Franken-lab engineered something Sentidos Apuestos’ Tacos Al Vaporwave. It’s a regional take on the meme-friendly bedroom genre that composites relics of Mexican pop culture into some kind of narcotic-induced fever dream, generating flashbacks from your childhood.

Maligna (Mexico City)

. 00:10 / 00:58

In the fall of 2012, smack dab in the middle of the country’s patriotic festivities and a very controversial presidential election, the spirit of dissent filled the air mustard gas.

Maligna’s head honcho Ritualz chose to manifest this impulse with a subtle, off-kilter approach: a pitch-dark, 11-track compilation centered around the theme of Mexico, delivered in the most caustic, noisy, and nihilistic manner possible.

A fitting excusrion for a label that very often subverts conventions and conceptions surrounding its country’s music scene.

Lowers (Ciudad Juárez)

. 00:10 / 00:58

Looooooooweeeeeeers, FUCK THE OOOOOOOOOTHERS!

That lyric-turned-mantra sums up the Ciudad Juárez-based label’s reigning status in Mexico’s bizarre electronic infra-realm. It’s damn near impossible to pick a favorite from their impeccable catalogue, as every release oozes with the twisted genius of its creators.

Wyno’s Meow LPis classic Lowers, setting the downtrodden, benzo-loaded, smoke-filled standard for beats that melt in your mind, not your earbuds. Den5hion’s Un EP Irrelevante is anything but irrelevant, providing moments of genuine, fatalistic beauty amidst desolate sonic landscapes.

It’s staring at the void long enough for it to stare back with a grin and a smirk.

POAT Records (Guadalajara)

. 00:10 / 00:58

There are serious club bangers, and then there’s POAT Records. As their absurdist, irreverent album art indicates, the music of POAT follows no line or logic.

It’s neither joke nor tragedy, but something stranger resting in limbo. Each track and release is a doorway that leads you into either a polished sonic utopia or a mental ward for hikikomori beat-heads.

Taking the risk is, of course, where the charm lies.

Extasis Records (Mexico City)

. 00:10 / 00:58

The label N.A.A.F.I may be hogging the headlines these days, but behind the scenes, Lao’s Extasis Records is staging a quiet musical revolution. Every one of their releases is a micro-manifesto that loftily seeks to reinvent politics both within and beyond the club.

Though not strictly Mexican (it features many artists from all corners of the globe), the borderless netlabel is the product of the Mexico City producer’s off-kilter social and neural networks.

Someone could just as easily place the entire Extasis catalogue in some Brooklyn gallery and call it art, but make no mistake—this shit belongs on the dancefloor.

Futurable (Xalapa)

. 00:10 / 00:58

Not to be rude, but if you were to ask me to name, on a whim, the place where some of the most forward-thinking, future-friendly bass music is currently being made in Mexico, the coast of Veracruz would not be my first pick (or my second, or third). And yet, here are the folks at Xalapa-based Futurable to prove glib snobs me wrong. Be warned though: you might not be able to pass a THC blood test after making your way through their catalogue.

Piram.d Records (Morelia)

. 00:10 / 00:58

In such a budding scene, no label or artist can rightly claim legendary status. But I’d to go on record and nominate Morelia’s Kryone for the Medal of Merit, if only for the behemoth catalog of his label Piram.d Records.

 Their output spans almost 100 releases across six years, in myriad styles.

It could well serve as a roadmap for Mexico’s electronic underground, featuring a who’s who of producers across the spectrum, with a heavy focus on transmogrifying, hip-hop-tinged works colored with hipper-than-thou nonchalance.

IMPT (Mexico City)

. 00:10 / 00:58

Few labels on this list, and outside of it, have developed as air-tight an aesthetic as Mexico City’s IMPT.

The red, black, and white palette of their releases’ artwork mirrors the conceptual restraint found throughout the music. It can at once be head-bashing IDM and fairy dust-sprinkled oneiric wonder.

This is otherworldly, at times disturbing techno, not suitable for the squeamish listener.

—Reuben Torres

Read more in Electronic →

Источник: https://daily.bandcamp.com/scene-report/mexican-electronic-netlabels-list

Ritmo Mundial: 5 Mexican Electronic Record Labels to Know in 2016

4 Mexican Labels You Should Know

Much the artists shaping the country’s current electronic music landscape, Mexico’s records labels, too, are pushing its local sounds and movements within the nation’s borders and across the global dance community. Boasting a diverse roster of acts and genres, these five imprints are defining the sound of Mexico today.


Sabor: A hybrid artist collective, events and promotion brand, and tastemaker label, the Mexico City-based NAAFI crew by far leads the cool kids club.

Its core members—Fausto Bahía, Paul Marmonta, Lao, and Mexican Jihad—and leading artists—Smurphy, Siete Catorce, Mock the Zuma, and Zutzut—equally celebrate artistry and abnormality in their music.

Born a burgeoning party scene and distinguishable aesthetic in Mexico City’s underground, the NAAFI influence and its expanding roster continue to grow in correlation with the nation’s electronic movement.

Sonido: The deeper you dig into the NAAFI SoundCloud page, the weirder and better things get. Here, Zutzut transforms Nicki Minaj’s Maya Jane Coles-sampling “Truffle Butter” into a rave-reggaeton mashup, with Puerto Rican rapper Yaviah heating up the vocals, as featured on the Pirata 2 bootleg collection.

Follow NAAFI on |


Sabor: Duro is a recently launched imprint highlighting the Mexican techno elite. While the label is in its infancy, it already shows much promise, especially with founders and techno pros Silver Light and Bufi running the show. With rising acts Bruha and Superstudio at the helm, expect only the best in Mexican techno to come from the budding label.

Sonido: Already receiving support from the s of Solomun and Italian maestro Alexander Robotnick, Theus Mago is the new moniker from producer Bufi. If this tech burner is any indication, Theus Mago is bound to be Bufi’s next major success.

Follow Duro on |

Finesse Records

Sabor: Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Finesse Records appeals to the younger generation of internet-addicted electronic fans. Since launching in 2012, the imprint has welcomed just about every sound and hip electronic subgenre.

Today, the label boasts a more worldwide approach to global bass highly influenced by the current trends in future house and future bass.

Powered by the internet, the overall Finesse aesthetic is “well known by online communities and urban subcultures among several electronic genres,” claims the label’s official website.

Sonido: The Finesse sound is exactly what it claims: polished delicacies and tasteful nuances. For a sampling of what the future sounds , peep Finesse leader Teen Flirt.

Follow Finesse Records on |

Electrique Music

Sabor: While originally established in a NYC Lower East Side apartment in 2009, Electrique Music is now based in Mexico City.

Despite its American origins, the label aims to “push the boundaries of Latin music and redefine the Mexican electronic sound,” per the label’s official website.

Its focus on discovering and developing local talent, while at the same time pushing international acts, allows for a wider global perspective on electronic music with an emphasis on Latin sounds.

Sonido: Take a stroll down the Electrique Music SoundCloud page for a tasty cocktail of house and techno. Sip on “Estado Mayor”—a collaboration between two of the label’s rising acts, Juan Soto & Rocco Desentis—for a devilish little tune built to haunt dark dancefloors.

Follow Electrique Music on | | SoundCloud

Static Discos

Sabor: At it since 2002, this Tijuana-based imprint is one of Mexico’s leading independent labels.

Static Discos, along with its Verdigris sublabel, is renowned for celebrating the eclectic side of the electronic spectrum, often eliciting comparisons to tastemaker labels 4AD and Warp.

Along with representing local Mexican talent, Static Discos also boasts acts from fellow Latin America countries with growing electronic scenes, particularly Argentina. Static Discos is also known for its beloved Dimension Series mixtape collections and has ventured into the book-publishing world.

Sonido: Static Discos strays away from the fast and the loud and instead champions the artsier, avant-garde side of electronic music. Veteran Mexican producer Kampion exhibits just that with “Flash,” off his 2014 debut album, Acoxxpa.

Insomniac Radio –

  • 1 Sounds of our festival stages streaming 24/7. INSOMNIAC RADIO

Источник: https://www.insomniac.com/magazine/ritmo-mundial-5-mexican-electronic-record-labels-to-know-in-2016/

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