Fund This: Love Wins, A Powerful Archive of LGBTQ Love Stories

Corporate Equality Index

Fund This: Love Wins, A Powerful Archive of LGBTQ Love Stories

The HRC Foundation's Corporate Equality Index continues to show incredible growth in the number of employers that are committed to implementing LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices.

An outstanding 1,142 companies actively participated in the CEI 2021 Survey.

767 “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality”

In the 2021 CEI, 767 employers achieved a top score of 100 and earning the coveted title of “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”

84 Newly rated companies

84 companies, from nearly every industry, participated in the CEI for the first time this year.

233 Fortune 500 employers actively participated in the 2021 CEI

149 American Law Magazine 200 law firms actively participated in the 2021 CEI

Our participating companies know that building an LGBTQ-inclusive workplace is not just the right thing to do — it is also the best business decision — allowing companies to attract, retain and engage top talent.»

Alphonso David, HRC President

Equality At The Fortune-Ranked Companies

All Fortune 500 Participating Not Participating Average 2021 CEI Score 76% 92% 26%
Sexual Orientation in U.S. Nondiscrimination Policy 96% 100% 81%
Gender Identity in U.S.

Nondiscrimination Policy

94% 100% 73%
Domestic Partner Benefits 57% 75% 0%
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits 71% 93% 0%
Organizational LGBTQ Competency 71% 92% 0%
Public Commitment to the LGBTQ Community 70% 92% 0%

Inclusive Policies and Benefits

100% of CEI rated employers explicitly include “sexual orientation” as a part of their nondiscrimination policy.

99.7% of CEI rated employers explicitly include “gender identity” as a part of their nondiscrimination policy.

78% of CEI participants documented that they provide inclusive benefits for same- and different-sex spouses and partners.

91% of CEI-rated businesses (a record 1,040 of 1,142 respondents) offer at least one transgender-inclusive plan option with current market standard coverage.

Creating An Inclusive Workplace Culture

Equitable policies and benefits are critical to LGBTQ inclusion in the workforce but alone are not sufficient to support a truly inclusive culture within a workplace. Employers recognize that beyond the letter of a policy, additional programming and educational efforts are necessary.


of CEI-rated employers (1,052 of 1,142 respondents) offer a a robust set of practices (at least three efforts) to support organizational LGBTQ diversity competency.


of CEI-rated employers (1,081 of 1,142 respondents) have an employee resource group or diversity council that includes LGBTQ and allied employees and programming.


major businesses have adopted gender transition guidelines to establish best practices in transgender inclusion for managers and teams.

Engaging With The LGBTQ Community and Corporate Social Responsibility

Despite the disruption of the COVID-19 epidemic with cancellation of in-person events worldwide, CEI-rated businesses followed-through on their commitments to LGBTQ community engagement throughout the year largely by leveraging online and virtual engagement platforms.

The CEI’s Corporate Social Responsibility criteria also ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity protections apply to those standards that businesses require their vendors or suppliers to adhere to, as well as recipients of their philanthropic funds.


of CEI-rated businesses (1,056 of 1,142 respondents) met the standard of demonstrating a least three efforts of public commitment to the LGBTQ community.


of CEI-rated businesses (971 of 1,142 respondents) have written giving guidelines that prohibit philanthropic support of non-religious organizations with an explicit policy of discrimination towards LGBTQ people.

Supporting Equality in the Public Square

Over 320 leading companies are members of HRC's Business Coalition for the Equality Act, demonstarting their support for federal legislation that would provide the same basic protections to LGBTQ people as are provided to other protected groups under federal law.

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