Jeremiah Brent On Living Beautifully

Who Is Jeremiah Brent? — 12 Interesting Facts About Interior Designer Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent On Living Beautifully

Don't worry, Nate & Jeremiah by Design fans! Season 3 of the TLC design show will bless our small screens next month.

While we count down the days until then, House Beautiful spoke with Jeremiah to get the scoop on what he's been up to—from working with TJ Maxx (including on a contest happening Friday, where you can win big) to his unbreakable addiction to candy.

Now's the time to brush up on some fun facts about the designer ahead of welcoming he and his co-star husband, Nate Berkus, back to television.

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Jeremiah never imagined he would end up as an interior designer.

«I've always loved design. I loved imagining the way people could live in a space, that's what I connected to,» Jeremiah shared, recalling the weekends when his mother used to take him to peek inside open houses.

«I just didn't imagine interior design was a career I could or would get into, so once I actually had that opportunity to start creating things for people and realized that my art could be that expression of how people live in their homes, that's when I realized that's the job for me.»

He actually began his career by building his own furniture.

«I needed a really narrow TV cabinet,» Jeremiah said about the first piece of furniture he'd ever made for himself. Since his apartment was very tiny and he wanted something that was a specific size, color—red and white, to be exact—and price, he resorted to making one on his own.

«This was a long time ago, so do not judge me,» he laughed, recalling his adventurous color palette from that time. «I started creating things of my own, building it. Then I went into creating things for other people. It started as a little hobby on the side. Next thing I knew, people were asking me to do their homes, bars, and nightclubs, and the rest is history.»

He and his husband, Nate Berkus, have filmed two seasons of TLC's Nate & Jeremiah by Design and are now in the middle of filming the third

«The interesting thing about when we work together is that the [homeowner] is getting two very different perspectives for the price of one, essentially. Nate has a much more traditional aesthetic in the way he pulls things together,» he said. «I'm definitely a lot more adventurous when it comes to spaces, what I think they can be, and what they should be.»

Though Jeremiah has a different style from Nate, they love and embrace it.

When it comes to interior design, Jeremiah says, «[Nate and I] the same objects; we showcase them very differently. That's the fun thing about our relationship, because there's always this push and pull, and we love that.

There's no ego when it comes to our home with design, because we love doing it. Even for something as simple as a bookshelf in our house, there's usually a conversation about it. We the struggle, and we have a good time figuring out a place to meet in the middle.

» It's something they did perfectly for their Nate + Jeremiah for Living Spaces collection.

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TJ Maxx is Jeremiah's secret source for lighting and kitchen accessories

«I am always fascinated by the lighting and the brands they have at TJ Maxx. They have a great breadth of design aesthetics, so it's really easy to create that layered look,» he said. The designer also jokes about browsing the kitchen aisle as well, imitating himself on a spree: «I didn't realize I needed this, but I do need this specific type of peeler.»

In fact, Jeremiah loves the brand so much he partnered with them to launch the new retail term «Maxximizing» or finding something that’s 100 percent you—that also doesn’t kill your budget.

He convinced Nate to let him paint their first bedroom together black.

«Nate was 'There's no way I'm living in a black cave, what's next? It sounds a dungeon.' And I was 'I promise, it's going to be really chic and you're going to love it.

' The room was really bright, and it actually paid off; it could have gone terribly wrong. But I was convinced, and still am convinced, that black is one of the chicest neutrals you can use.

» In the end, Nate loved it, and since then, they've painted other rooms black as well.

Together, Nate and Jeremiah have two children

Poppy (3) and Oskar Michael (almost 1) are the lights of the TV design couple's life. Jeremiah shares that his favorite days are the weekends spent at home with the kids with absolutely nothing to do. «Anything with the kids is what we try to aim for when we do have free time at home,» he explained.

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At home, Jeremiah wakes up at 4 a.m. for quiet time and to set the mood for the day

«I get up around 4 every morning because it's the only time I can find time for myself. I'm also a firm believer in setting your environment,» he shared. To do so, he gets the house ready for Nate and the kids by lighting candles, playing music, and making coffee.

His secret to creating a high-end space is mixing and matching.

«When you walk into a home and you feel everything is a set, I don't think it tends to read you have really been collecting things,» Jeremiah said. «I think it's about really mixing, not only different metals and textures, but different design aesthetics. Different things to curate and showcase your personality.»

He loves watching Billions

«I fantasize about being home in sweats watching Billions,» he joked.

Nate teases him about his crystal collection

«Strangely, and this is not a lie, one of my favorite crystals I've ever purchased is from TJ Maxx. Nate makes fun of me because the house has stacks of crystals everywhere. But I love them, they make me happy, and I feel they change the way a space feels energetically.»

In fact, the interior design star loves them so much, the couple used them as the table arrangements in lieu of flowers. «I think they can go with any design aesthetic, whether it's traditional, super modern, you name it.»

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He's addicted to Sour Patch Kids

«It's a serious, dark issue for me,» he half jokes. «The pace at which I can put down a bag of Sour Patch Kids is alarming.» He's not joking either! In fact, he eats them every day—those or Cinnamon Gummy Bears—though he's desperately trying to cut back because, he says, «I'm going to have no teeth by the time I'm 70 if I keep it up.»

Watch the premiere of 'Nate & Jeremiah by Design' on April 13th at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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Discover the Best Living Room Inspirations by Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent On Living Beautifully

Discover the Best Living Room Inspirations by Jeremiah Brent- Jeremiah Brent is a top interior designer based in LA alongside his husband, Nate Berkus.

His love for artistry and fashion has transcended into his work in interior design and has created a unique style that no one can beat.

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discover the best living room inspirations by jeremiah brent

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He established himself a both a tastemaker and influencer continually inspiring those around him :  “Your home is your opportunity to showcase not only where you’ve been in your life, but also who you are and, most importantly, who you hope to become.”

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