Lance Bass Planning Love Concert in Mississippi

Lance Bass

Lance Bass Planning Love Concert in Mississippi

Lance Bass and Cora Norman at Bass’s induction into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, 2003. Photo courtesy of Jim Brewer

  • No Strings Attached (2000)
  • Nsync (1998)
    • Tearin’ Up My Heart
    • I Just Wanna Be With You
    • Here We Go
    • For the Girl Who Has Everything
    • God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
    • You got It
    • I Need Love
    • I Want You Back
    • Everything I Own
    • I Drive Myself Crazy
    • Crazy For You
    • Sailing
    • Giddy Up
  • Home For The Christmas (1998)

    Lance Bass with NSYNC in Jackson, Sept. 1999. Photo by Merry Love Bishop

    • Home For the Christmas
    • Under My Tree
    • I Never Knew The Meaning of Christmas
    • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
    • They Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
    • I Guess It’s Christmas Time
    • All I Want Is You This Christmas
    • The First Noel
    • In Love On Christmas
    • It’s Christmas
    • O Holy Night (A Cappella)
    • Love’s In Our Hearts On Christmas Day
    • The Only Gift
    • Kiss Me At Midnight

*NSYNC N The Mix  (1998)
*NSYNC the Official Book  (1998)

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Lance Bass: A Biography

by Merry Love Bishop (SHS)

Many young people do not worry about what their background is.  Where they came from is not important to them, but  Lance Bass is not the others.  Lance Bass is very proud of his Mississippi background.  He is one of the most famous guys in the pop music scene right now,  yet he continues to stayed focused with himself and his surroundings.

Merry Love Bishop (SHS Researcher)

James Lansten “Lance” Bass was born on May 4, 1979, to Jim and Diane Bass of Laurel, Mississippi.  He has one older sister named Stacy.  In 1989, Jim Bass moved his family to Clinton, Mississippi.  His son Lance began singing in the chorus when he was in the seventh grade.  In eighth grade Lance auditioned for a spot with the Mississippi Show Stoppers.

  The Mississippi Show Stoppers is a state- wide group sponsored by the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum located in Jackson, Mississippi.  Lance later became a member of a competition choir called Attache (Lance).  At Clinton High School, Lance’s favorite subjects were math and science.

  His best childhood memory is spending Christmas with his family (The Dutch ‘NSYNC website-Lance Bass).

Lance is five feet, eleven inches tall, has green eyes  which sometimes look yellow, and blonde hair (Lance Bass of NSYNC).  He considers himself to be “the all-American dude from Mississippi” (NSYNC The Official Book).  Others view Lance as the business man of *NSYNC.  Fellow group member Chris Kirkpatrick says, “Lance is professional.”   J.

C. Chasez describes Lance as “all business” (NSYNC The Teen Reader Interview).  Lance really s the music of LeAnn Rimes, who is also a Mississippi musician and would love to one day have the chance to perform for with her.  He thinks of Garth Brooks as one of his major influences.

  The first time he saw Garth Brooks in concert, he knew he wanted to be a performer (NSYNC The Official Book).  Other musicians he s are present day artists  Boyz II Men, Matchbox 20, and Az Yet (Lance Bass of NSYNC).  Lance’s family is his biggest role model (NSYNC The Teen Reader Interview).

His first job was dressing up as a dog named Poo-Fu and promoting the dog’s book.   His  goal in life is all other musicians:  to hit number one and win a Grammy (The Lance Bass Interview).  The best day of Lance’s life was when he was called to audition for NSYNC.

   Lance currently resides in Orlando, Florida, but his family still lives in Clinton, Mississippi, where his mother is a sixth grade teacher at a Brandon school. ( NSYNC the Official Book)

NSYNC in Jackson, Sept., 1999. Photo by Merry Love Bishop” width=300 height=201 hspace=”7″ vspace=”7″ border=”2″ align=LEFT>
NSYNC in Jackson, Sept., 1999. Photo by Merry Love Bishop

NSYNC is a pop dance group made up of four other guys  from different backgrounds.  J.C. CHasez is 21 and from Washington D.C.  Justin Timberlake is 17 and from Memphis, Tennessee.  Chris Kirkpatrick is 27 and from Pennsylvania.  Joey Fontane is 21 and from New York (NSYNC Their Story).

  Lance was the fifth and final member of  the group, and he did not formally audition ( NSYNC The Official Book). Lance is the “bass” singer of NSYNC.  The name NSYNC was thought up by Justin’s mom.  She took the last letter of all the guy’s first name and created NSYNC (NSYNC The Official Book).

  The group has been compared with such groups as Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block.  They have been a solid group for more than four  years.  NSYNC first hit it big over in Europe, but eventually hit it big in American with their Disney Channel live concert (The Lance Bass Interview).

  NSYNC’s self- titled debut album was released on March 24, 1998 (NSYNC Their Story).  Their first single was “I Want You Back.’  It was the fastest- rising single and had the longest stay for a new act on the charts.  “I Want You Back” went platinum within four months of its release (NSYNC The Official Book).

In November, 1998, NSYNC had two albums on the Billboard Top 10 Chart, their self- titled album and Christmas album.

To date, they’ve  received three Grammy Nominations for “Record of the Year” (“Bye Bye Bye”), “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” (“Bye Bye Bye”) and “Best Pop Vocal Album” (No Strings Attached). On February 21st the 2001 Grammy Awards will be announced.

NSYNC concert, Photo by Merry Love Bishop

Although NSYNC has had great success, Lance Bass has managed to to keep his head straight.  His family has commented many times on how he is still the same guy he was before all this madness and popularity began.

Update:  Lance Bass, 23, qualified as physically fit for a seat aboard a Russian rocket flight to the International Space Station, according to David Krieff, president of Destiny Productions.

  Bass did space flight training at the cosmonaut center in Russia’s Star City, where he undertook a battery of physical and medical tests.

  Flying into orbit has been a lifelong dream for the Bass, who attended “space camp” as a child  and who also underwent a “surgical procedure” to correct an irregular heartbeat in order to qualify for the flight.

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CD Review of NSYNC

NSYNC’s debut CD is one that is unforgettable.  This Orlando-based group puts pop and dance together to make one great CD.  Their first singles of “I Want You Back” and “Tearin’ Up My Heart” caused this CD to go double platinum in Canada and platinum in the U.S. This CD has a style of no other kind.

  It goes easily from a ballad “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You, ” to the up-beat dance type of “Giddy Up.”  Each song has its own special quality, some make you smile, some make you sad, and some make you just want to get up and dance.  This CD has qualities of a mix between Backstreet Boys and the ever-so- popular old group New Kids On The Block.

  This CD is definitely a must buy on my list.  I would give it four stars if I were a music critic.

Book Review of NSYNC The Official Book
By Merry Love Bishop (SHS)

NSYNC The Official Book tells the story of how the group NSYNC came together.  It also tells the individual stories of each of the five guys in the group.  The mothers of NSYNC members tell their versions of their story and how each of their children acted growing up.

  There is a “Day In The Life Of NSYNC”, which will tells  in detail what NSYNC goes through on a basic “work” day.  This book is full of pictures of NSYNC touring and pictures of them during  their childhood.  It is a great way to learn in-depth from the first- hand source of NSYNC.  I really enjoyed this book and not just because I am a fan.

  It was fun to read with all of the zany things the guys told about themselves.

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  • May 4, 1979: James Lansten “Lance” Bass is born in Laurel, Mississippi
  • 1989:   Bass family moves to Clinton, Mississippi
  • 1995:   NSYNC is formed.
  • Early 1998:    NSYNC, self-titled debut album is released;  NSYNC tours with Janet Jackson.
  • November, 1998:  Christmas Album is released; official biography is published.
  • March, 2000: No Strings Attachedreleased.

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