#TBT: Mixed Nuts is the Best Christmas Movie You Never Saw

Epic Guide For French Themed Movie Night At Home

#TBT: Mixed Nuts is the Best Christmas Movie You Never Saw

As we stay safely at home these days, our creativity has been in overdrive to keep ourselves entertained.

Whether it’s just you and your honey on the couch, gathering safely with a small group of girlfriends, or keeping the kids from climbing the walls, themed nights are an easy way to have a fun night in.

There’s a myriad of possibilities. So how about hosting your own French Themed Movie Night?

I’ve put together an Easy Entertaining Guide for a tres chic French Themed Movie Night at home. Including what movies to watch and what foods and drinks to enjoy. I was inspired by Mood13, a Taylor Swift themed digital magazine, and of course, Paris!

Travel Inspiration: Paris, France

There’s something about France. And of course, Paris, The City of Love!

The food, the wines and the Champagne are always top of the list for me. I dream of sipping bubbles, indulging in all the cheeses, charcuteries and chocolate in a chic bistro. Sitting lazily in a French cafe sipping cafe au lait. Walking along the Champs Elysees and cruising along the Seine. And then, there’s also chic fashions, art and rich history to draw from.

My “Someday List” includes a trip to Paris with my hubby. But since we can’t travel right now, until we can #MakeSomedayHappen, it’s fun to dream a little with a French Themed Movie Night and escape through film and food. 

Let’s go! Allons-y!

What Movie To Watch For A French Themed Movie Night?

If you’re dreaming of a trip to Cannes for film festival red carpet glamour; wishing for a romantic night in Paris, or a foodie trip to Provence, these films are sure to keep those travel dreams alive. Whether you love classics, 90’s romantic comedies, fairy tales or artsy films, here are some of my favorite movies for a French themed movie night.

In no particular order:

  1. An American In Paris
  2. Sabrina
  3. Funny Face
  4. Love in the Afternoon
  5. Charade
  6. Paris When It Sizzles
  7. Chocolat
  8. Amélie
  9. French Kiss
  10. Ever After
  11. Before Sunset
  12. Ratatouille
  13. Julie and Julia
  14. Marie Antoinette
  15. Moulin Rouge!

If You Love Classic Movies:

An American in Paris: You’ll be dazzled by Gene Kelly’s dance moves in this musical romance, which follows Jerry, a former American GI / painter struggling to find work as he falls for the gorgeous young French girl Lise (Leslie Caron). The 1951 film’s choreography is amazing, and you won’t be able to stop singing the songs “Our Love Is Here to Stay!”

If You Love Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn and France go together croissants and cafe au laits! Fans of Ms. Hepburn have some wonderful choices for a French Themed Movie Night.

Sabrina: Yes, there was a remake but you must watch the Audrey Hepburn 1954 version. It was set in New York but there’s plenty of talk of Paris. And the costumes were designed by Hubert de Givenchy with the legendary Edith Head serving as the costume designer. Ooh la la!

Funny Face: Paris high fashion and Audrey at her comedic and musical loveliest. Plus the debonair Fred Astaire as NYC photographer Dick Avery is also dreamy as he’s mesmerized by her beauty. The 1957 film is a must for the fashion, all the Paris landmarks and the music by George and Ira Gershwin. It’s “S’wonderful. S’marvelous” My favorite movie of hers!

Love In The Afternoon: Hepburn captivates the eternal playboy (Gary Cooper) billed as “The love affair felt around the world!” in this 1957 caper of hidden identities.

Charade: Audrey Hepburn and the dreamy Cary Grant. Say no more! She plays a widow who begins hanging out with her late husband’s war buddies in this 1963 classic thriller and romantic comedy. The movie’s cool Hitchcock vibe and uber romantic final scene is worth the watch.

Paris When It Sizzles: She sizzles in the 1964 campy romantic comedy classic playing a secretary helping a playboy screenwriter (William Holden) complete a script under a tight deadline. It’s full of hijinks and hilarious adventures.

If You Love a Sexy Comedy:

Chocolat: Set in rural France in the late 1950’s, Juliet Binoche and Johnny Depp star in this romantic tale where chocolate is the conduit to love, laughter and truly living.

If You Love Whimsical Artsy Movies:

Amélie: Set in artsy Montmartre, the surreal 2001 romantic comedy follows a shy waitress (Audrey Tautou) with a big imagination, intent on making the world around her a better place. 

If You Love 90’s Romantic Comedies:

French Kiss: Meg Ryan’s adorable Kate embarks on a wild French adventure in this 1995 romantic comedy. She goes chasing after ex-fiancee Charlie (Timothy Hutton) with the help of French con-man with a heart of gold Luc Tessier (Kevin Kline). French cheeses and wines are all part of the love story too!

If You Love Fairy Tales:

Ever After: A Cinderella Story. The 1988 remake with Drew Barrymore offers a fun “girl power” take on the classic fairy tale, where she rescues the prince (Dougray Scott) for a change. “Just breathe!”

If You’re a Romantic:

Before Sunset: the poignant 2001 sequel to the utterly romantic Before Sunrise sees Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) reuniting in Paris, The City of Love.

If You’re Hanging Out with Kids:

Ratatouille: Kids and kid’s at heart, foodies, and Disney fans all love this 2007 tale of Remy, the rat with big dreams of being a chef cooking in an acclaimed kitchen. Paris is depicted in vibrant color. Guaranteed you’ll want a tres magnifique French dinner after this! Reminds me of the epic Ratatouille themed Disney dinner I attended at Golden Oaks.

If You’re a Foodie:

Julie and Julia: The story of the grand dame of French cooking, Julia Child (Meryl Streep) is woven nicely with blogger Julie’s (Amy Adams) pursuit of life’s meaning as she attempts to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook “Mastering The Art of French Cooking.” This is a film every foodie must watch. “Bon Appetit!“

If You Love Royals:

Marie Antoinette: A list of French themed movies wouldn’t be complete without the famous royal. Sophia Coppola‘s 2006 film starring Kirsten Dunst is visually stunning. Fall in love with the gorgeous costumes, the balls, the decadent foods and opulent palaces. “Let them eat cake!”

If You Love a Good Show:

Moulin Rouge! The 2001 Baz Luhrmann film is pure spectacle. The Paris icon comes to life as Englishman Christian (Ewan McGregor) falls for the alluring Satine (Nicole Kidman).

You’ll be tapping your toes and singing along to pop songs reimagined and dreaming of Paris and love stories.

Who could get the remake of Lady Marmalade’s “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?” their heads? Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da!

Now Let’s Talk About The Food…

The menu for this French Themed Movie Night was inspired by MOOD13 Magazine – the newest project by Editor in Chief Christa Thompson whom I first started following when I discovered her Fairytale Traveler posts.

Now with Mood13, Taylor Swift and her vast musical collection and aesthetic serve as inspiration for her to share fun craft DIY projects, home decor and entertaining ideas.

Her French themed May 2020 issue was themed after Taylor’s “City of Lover” Paris concert.

What Foods To Serve For Your French Movie Night?

You have permission to indulge on your French Themed Movie Night! Think of combining a night at the movies with an afternoon at a French cafe. C’est Magnifique!

Popcorn is a Must!

No movie night is complete without popcorn. For our French Themed Movie Night, we’re taking popcorn to the next level by drizzling it with chocolate.

Pop your favorite microwave popcorn (I love Skinny Pop), melt some high quality white, milk and/ or dark chocolate and drizzle it liberally (I used my favorite Orlando local Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park). You can also mix in some chocolate candies and colorful sprinkles for added fun!

The trick to making the chocolate covered popcorn is first to carefully melt your chocolate. Then, divide the popcorn into separate mixing bowls for each type of chocolate you’re using. (I used milk and dark chocolate)

Once you gently drizzle chocolate on the popcorn, spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and let it cool (you can also put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or so to speed up the process.)

When the chocolate hardens, pour popcorn into a large mixing bowl, add candy and sprinkles and enjoy.

I added chocolate covered cherries from Harry & David and sprinkles. You can add anything!

To create the rainbow Taylor Swift inspired version as shown in Mood13 magazine, buy pastel colored white chocolate melting morsels, pastel sprinkles and pink candy corns.

It’s All About The Charcuterie Board!

A French themed party must always have a charcuterie board with meats and cheeses. Choose a variety of French cheeses such as a creamy brie, Camembert, bleu and gruyere.

Add some assorted meats peppered salami and prosciutto. Garnish with fresh berries, nuts, dried fruits, slices of baguette bread or crackers. Have fun arranging decoratively on your board.

Here are more tips for epic wine and cheese pairings.

Sweets “CharcuterME” Board!

This is where the real fun comes in! Create a Cookie and Candy “CharcuterME” board!

In honor of Taylor Swift’s hit song “ME” and its rainbow themed high octane music video, go to your nearest dollar store and stock up on cookies, candies and chocolates in all colors! Think M&M’s in all varieties, mini oreos, wafer cookies, Girl Scout cookies, mini Reese’s Cups, mini kit kat bars, caramels, Twix, rice krispie treats, colorful jelly beans and more. I know these candies aren’t French but movie nights always involve a bit of fun candy and junk food. Am I right?

The tip here is to fill every inch of your board with different colors. Just pick your favorites and you can’t go wrong.

We had fun getting a variety of M&Ms – plain, peanut, almond, caramel, the new fudge brownie ones and then mixing them all in one bowl. Each bite was a surprise!

Chocolate Dipped Treats!

Dipping store bought cookies and pretzels in chocolate is also fun! And easy to do. Once you melt your chocolate for your popcorn, use the leftovers to dip oreos, peanut butter pretzel bites, pretzel sticks, vanilla wafers, and any of your favorite treats. Set them to cool in the same way as the popcorn on parchment paper.

Voila! Instantly take your store bought treats to the next level!

Cupcakes Make The Party!

Cupcakes topped with sprinkles always make a gathering feel a party! I chose the blue colored vanilla cake mix for the fun factor. Topped with whipped cream frosting and color sprinkles. It reminded me of a Tiffany’s jewelry box. So girly!

French Pastries of course!

Stop by your favorite local French bakery and pick up an assortment of macarons, chou pastries, eclairs, and entremets. Easy, gorgeous and delicious!

The sweetest pastries from Choulala Fine Pastries in Winter Park, Florida

What Drinks To Serve For Your French Themed Movie Night?

If you want to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with bubbles! A glass of Champagne garnished with a strawberry or raspberries is classic.

Did you know Champagne was the perfect pairing for popcorn and candy bars? True! It goes with anything!

A crisp rose wine and Pinot Noir for the red wine lovers are good options too. Or, have some fun with Raspberry “MEmosas.” So easy to make and so fancy!

Raspberry “MEmosa” Recipe Options:

The Mood13 recipe calls for equal parts of champagne and raspberry juice. Garnished with fresh raspberries and a cookie.

In my version I topped a glass of Champagne with a small scoop of Raspberry sorbet (I used a melon baller) and added 1/2 oz of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur. Garnished with fresh raspberries.

Totally Bougie!

Raspberry MEmosa Mocktail Version:

For the kids, designated drivers and non-drinkers, replace the Champagne with lemon-lime soda, ginger ale or flavored sparkling water. Then add cran-raspberry juice and/or scoop of raspberry sorbet. If you want to get fancy, freeze the juice into ice cubes in advance.

There you have it! An easy, epic and tres chic French Themed Movie Night!

About MOOD13 Magazine:

Swifties will “Die Dead!” when they discover this digital magazine. Mood13 was launched in April 2020 to offer a fun and engaging combination of crafting, entertaining, and home decor ideas with the sophistication of a traditional DIY magazine and the vibrant aesthetic of all things Taylor Swift. Download it from Apple and Google Play App stores.

Give yourself permission to indulge! Guilt-free!

I’ll leave you with this Taylor Swift quote…

I don’t think you should ever take life so serious that you forget to play.”

Taylor Swift

I hope you’re inspired to continue to celebrate life and cross fun things off your someday list – while following all safety precautions and staying socially distanced during these stressful times. Go #MakeSomedayHappen one delicious bite, sip and trip a time. 


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10 Holiday & Christmas Movies That Keep Getting Better With Age — NV

#TBT: Mixed Nuts is the Best Christmas Movie You Never Saw

Holiday movies are a tricky genre to master. Striking a balance between feel-good holiday cheer and critical praise is often a balancing act too difficult for even the most experienced filmmakers. Some films, Home Alone, were bashed by critics but went on to become blockbuster hits and perennial Christmas favorites almost instantly.

Other movies weren’t so fortunate. Many holiday favorites were actually released to negative reviews, tepid box office earnings, or even both. But over the years, the magic of the season has given a number of these films new life, granting some of them downright iconic status as must-watch Christmas favorites every holiday season.

At the tail end of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s A-List acting career, he starred in Jingle All the Way. The film centers around two dads fighting to get their kids the must-have toy of the Christmas season. Upon release, the film was universally bashed by critics, with Empire stating, “Anything as wooden as Arnie in a Christmas movie would normally be wearing flashing lights.”

However, just a few days after the film’s release, the very real Tickle Me Elmo craze hit, making Jingle All the Way feel very real and very relevant. Since then, the movie has gone down as a cultural artifact of the mid-90s zeitgeist and is regularly watched every holiday season.

9 Mixed Nuts (1994) – Stream on Starz

When Mixed Nuts was released in 1994, it received horrifically abysmal reviews. Roger Ebert even concluded his review with, “Leaving the movie, I felt sort of drained – the way you get when you smile politely for hours in the enforced company of strangers..”

However, in the years since its release, this madcap and zany comedy about the workers of a suicide hotline on Christmas Eve has become more relevant, more real, and more hilarious. In 2014, Esquire even called it “The Best Christmas Movie You’ve Never Seen.” It’s also got an incredibly talented cast, including Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, Adam Sandler, and many more.

When it was released in 2006, the remake of Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah went virtually unnoticed. The story follows Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) who suddenly discovers she’s dying. With only a few weeks left to live, she liquidates her bank account and heads to a fancy hotel in the posh resort town of Karlovy Vary.

Despite barely breaking even at the box office, the movie has gained a new life in the years since its release. Audiences have discovered the movie has a lot of heart, moments of great comedy, and is filled with a talented cast, including LL Cool J, Alicia Witt, and Gerard Depardieu.

7 Krampus (2015) – Stream on Tubi

In German lore, Krampus was the monstrous entity that accompanied St. Nicholas to children’s homes on Christmas. If they’re good, they’re rewarded by St. Nick. If they’re bad, they’re punished by Krampus.

Starting in the 2010s, Krampus developed massive popularity in North American pop culture, and the 2015 film soon followed, depicting a family in crisis who must atone for their selfish ways by battling Krampus and his minions.

Despite mixed reviews, with TIME even titling its review with “Krampus Is Just Too Dumb to Be Scary”, the movie continues to be popular with horror fans during the yuletide season thanks to its great scares and even moments of genuine humor.

6 The Family Stone (2006) – Rent on Amazon

In The Family Stone, a large family comes together to celebrate Christmas…and before long, all holiday hell breaks loose. A star-studded and talented cast, including Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, and Craig T. Nelson, among many others, leads this powerful story about a family on the brink of collapse.

The plot is moving, funny, and all too real, which has really made audiences connect with The Family Stone, cementing it as a modern-day classic. However, upon release, the film was bashed by critics and had a lackluster premiere weekend. Fortunately, retrospectives have been much kinder to The Family Stone.

5 Christmas with the Kranks (2004) – Stream on Starz

Filmmaker Chris Columbus was once seen as the master of family films. He was responsible for hits Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the first two Harry Potter movies…but then came Christmas with the Kranks in 2004.

Adapted from the famous John Grisham novel, Skipping Christmas, the movie starred Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as two parents who decide to not celebrate Christmas one year after hearing their daughter won’t be coming home for the holidays.

Upon release, the film was universally bashed, with Roger Ebert stating it’s “a holiday movie of stunning awfulness that gets even worse when it turns gooey at the end.” But the film has since taken on a new life thanks to its yearly airings on television. Nowadays, many consider Christmas With the Kranks a goofy and lovable holiday classic.

4 The Princess Switch (2018) – Stream on Netflix

Back in 2018 when it was announced that Vanessa Hudgens would be starring in a cheesy Hallmark-style Christmas movie on Netflix, the world groaned. There’s something about bad holiday movies that audiences hate…but also secretly love.

To sum it up best is the review by the Pittsburgh City Paper which stated, “The Princess Switch is a fun piece of nonsense to watch during the holidays when the classics feel tired.

” However, a sequel soon followed, with a third installment releasing this year, proving that no matter how much audiences pretend to hate corny Christmas rom coms… deep down, they’re actually obsessed.

3 Black Christmas (1974) – Stream on Peacock

Black Christmas, along with Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is credited with building the foundation of what would become the slasher genre. In 1974, the film was released in Canada during the Halloween season, and during the Christmas season in America. As usual with slasher films, the movie wasn’t exactly loved by critics.

Famed movie critic Gene Siskel even wrote, “Black Christmas is notable only for indicating the kind of junk roles that talented actresses are forced to play in the movies.” However, as history has proven, Black Christmas helped revolutionize the horror genre.

2 Home Alone 2 (1992) – Stream on Disney+

Despite Home Alone 2 being a bonafide holiday classic these days, it was actually released to terrible reviews. Home Alone 2 was routinely criticized for copying the first film, and both movies were heavily criticized for their violence.

Upon release, The New York Times stated of the sequel, “Many children will find this funny, and many parents will not. It’s much more violent than the first film’s comparable set of dirty tricks.

And Kevin, removed from his embattled home, seems much more cavalier, possibly even meaner than his bullying older brother, Buzz.

” However, as everyone now knows, both films have become beloved holiday hits.

1 A Christmas Story (1983) – Stream on HBO Max

A Christmas Story has a unique history. These days, the leg lamp is a famous holiday tradition, the movie plays for an entire 24-hour stretch, and there’s even a museum dedicated to the movie in Cleveland. However, upon release, the movie fell into relative obscurity. But once TV stations began playing it during the holiday season, it gained traction.

Starting in the ’90s, the “24 Hours of A Christmas Story” began airing, which gave TNT employees the ability to take the night off work (and the network soon learned it gave TNT massive ratings). Nowadays, the 24-hour marathon takes place yearly on TBS and is sometimes simulcast on TNT as well, letting audiences watch A Christmas Story‘s most iconic moments year after year.

NEXT: 15 Most Iconic Characters From Your Favorite Christmas Movies

source https://screenrant.com/holiday-christmas-movies-keep-getting-better/

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