The Old Guard Sequel Just Got a New Director

The Old Guard 2 release date, cast and more about Netflix sequel

The Old Guard Sequel Just Got a New Director

The Old Guard 2 is officially happening on Netflix to continue the adventures of Andy and her immortal gang of warriors.

In August 2021, Netflix confirmed that a sequel was on the way that will bring back the cast of the original movie, including Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne. However, there has been a major change behind the scenes with Victoria Mahoney taking over as director.

The first movie's director Gina Prince-Bythewood is staying on-board as producer and she's excited to see what Mahoney does with the sequel.

«I love The Old Guard and the story and characters I was honoured to put into the world. It was exciting to disrupt the genre,” she told Deadline. «I leave our franchise in good hands as my girl Vic Mahoney takes on this next chapter.»

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Mahoney made history as the second unit director on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, making her the first woman and the first Black woman to direct a Star Wars movie, so we're sure the sequel will live up to the first movie.

«Genuinely blown backwards by the collective levels of talent, skill and savvy that went into carving The Old Guard,» she enthused. «I must have watched it over a hundred times, and as such, cannot communicate the true measure of my excitement.»

Greg Rucka – who wrote the comic book the movie was – is back to write the sequel. He always envisioned the story as a trilogy, so this might not be the end of the story if the sequel proves a hit.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here's everything you need to know about The Old Guard 2 – and how the first movie set it up.


The Old Guard ending explained: How does it set up The Old Guard 2?

As we've spoken about in more detail here, the most significant bit of the ending comes in the credits scene.

We catch up with Booker in Paris six months after he's been banished from the team due to his betrayal, and as he walks into his place, he's greeted by none other than Quynh who has somehow escaped from the bottom of the ocean.

«It's nice to finally meet you,» she tells him, but that's all we get from Quynh's return, so we'll have to wait until the sequel to see if she's out for vengeance or whether she just wants to be reunited with Andy.


Rucka has already written a second Old Guard comic book called Force Multiplied that also starts with Quynh's return.

To give a tease of what to expect, the comic book sequel sees Quynh reveal that she thinks they've been made immortal to make humanity suffer, rather than to save it, and she wants Andy to join her in her quest, and as her lover again.

But if you want all of the answers and what happens next, you can read the comic as you wait for the potential sequel.

The other major reveal that will have an impact on the sequel is that Andy is now technically no longer an immortal.

She realises this when a stab wound from an earlier fight in church doesn't heal, so now, every battle could technically be her last. Andy believes that it's the arrival of Nile that has led to this massive change.

«I think you showed up when I lost my immortality. So I could see what it was . So I could remember. Remember what it… what it was to feel unbreakable. Remarkable. You reminded me there are people still worth fighting for,» she explained.

It's one of the biggest changes from the comic book it's , but it's a vital one as it adds a tension that could have been missing from a movie about immortal soldiers.


«The one concern that we had in developing it, was, 'Is there enough jeopardy and stakes?'» Prince-Bythewood explained about the change.

«They can die, and they never know when they're going to, but adding that extra layer gave us that jeopardy for her character and allowed us to really hone in on things that connected me so much with her character when I first read her, this woman who wants it to end.»

Could a sequel go more into detail about why each member of the Old Guard was chosen to be immortal, and the actual specifics of that immortality? Booker believes he'll never see Andy again, so does that mean she now ages a human?

The first movie doesn't really delve into the immortality aspect beyond the unique skill it gives the members of the team, so the scope is there if the sequel wants to flesh out the world.

The Old Guard 2 release date: When can we expect The Old Guard 2?

Netflix might have finally confirmed The Old Guard 2, but we don't yet have an official release date for the sequel.

Before the sequel announcement, Theron had said in June 2021 that the script was complete and filming would start in early 2022. That feels too tight of a turnaround for a release in 2022 on Netflix, unfortunately.

We wouldn't be surprised if the sequel was released in July 2023 given the July slot worked so well for the first movie, making it one of the most-watched Netflix movies ever.


The Old Guard 2 cast: Who's coming back for The Old Guard 2?

There was only one major casualty in the first movie as Harry Melling's Merrick painfully worked out what happened when you mess with Andy's team.

As we expected, all of the main cast will return for the sequel, so that's Charlize Theron as Andy, KiKi Layne as Nile, Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker, Marwan Kenzari as Joe and Luca Marinelli as Nicky.

Chiwetel Ejiofor's Copley has now seen the error of his ways and, at the end of the first movie, is tasked with ensuring the team remain hidden from anyone who would do them harm ( Merrick).


Ejiofor has been confirmed to return to, but it's unclear if he'll have a major role to play in the sequel or will just be a M- figure on the outside.

Instead, it seems that Veronica Ngo will play a key part in the sequel as the returning Quynh, but as we mentioned above, it's not yet clear whether that will be as a friend or foe to the team.

In the comics, Quynh's character is named Noriko and is Japanese. The decision to change it came after Veronica Ngo was cast, and it doesn't mean that another character called Noriko will arrive in the sequel.

«When Veronica was cast, she said, 'I'm not Japanese, I'm Vietnamese'. [Director Gina Prince-Bythewood] reached out to me and said, 'Can we accommodate that?' and I was , 'Absolutely',» Greg Rucka confirmed.


«Noriko becomes Quynh, Quynh is now Vietnamese. It really was as simple as wanting to honour that and be respectful of that.»

It's also possible that we could see more of Michael Ward as fallen Old Guard member Lykon.

We saw him die in flashbacks to Andy and Quynh's time together, but could there be more to his story? He's the only immortal we've heard of to die, so it could be something explored as we get more of Andy and Quynh's relationship.


The Old Guard 2 trailer: Any footage from The Old Guard 2 yet?

While it's been confirmed, it'll be a while until we see any footage from The Old Guard 2. If filming does start in early 2022, maybe we'll get something from on-set. Fingers crossed.

The Old Guard is now available to watch on Netflix.

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